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Blog on evidence-based investing, featuring articles, videos and podcasts to help investors.

  • By Robin Powell
  • Based in United Kingdom
  • Roughly 54 posts per year
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Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Dec 2022 9
Jan 2023 14
Feb 2023 16
Mar 2023 15
Apr 2023 2
May 2023 0
Jun 2023 0
Jul 2023 0
Aug 2023 0
Sep 2023 0
Oct 2023 0
Nov 2023 0
Dec 2023 0

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Most recent posts

What does it really mean to be wealthy?
The words rich and wealthy tend to be used interchangeably. But they actually mean very different things. Building true wealth requires a mindset that that goes beyond just accumulating money. For many people, wealth is …
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Investing lessons from March Madness
Regardless of how much or little we know about the sport in question, most of us fancy a flutter on a big sporting event. Here in the UK, for example, around a third of the …
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Helping you find your own path
Robin writes: I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of self-help books generally. But I recently came across one that I’m very happy to recommend. It’s called Find Your Own Path, which was written …
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