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Hello, and welcome to

As I write there are 851 blogs here, all categorised, and all staying updated with their new posts. Hopefully you’ll find some blogs here that interest you.

Why a directory of blogs?

For years I’ve seen people moan that “nobody blogs any more”, all while my feed reader was overflowing with new blogposts I never had time to read. I want to demonstrate that there are lots and lots of people blogging, about all kinds of subjects!

Even though I knew there was a lot of blogging going on, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by quite how much. So many people, so many topics, so much enthusiasm. It’s easy to get lost down rabbitholes, following links and blogrolls from one blog to the next.

I want more people to read blogs and more people to write blogs. I hope you’ll find some interesting blogs to read here and, maybe, some inspiration that will get you blogging.

Early days

There’s plenty still to do with this site, not least adding more and more blogs (if you can’t find your favourites, send them in). While there aren’t yet blogs about every subject, that’s the ambition.

There are some categories full of loads of active blogs, and some categories almost empty, or conspicuous by their absence. Over time I hope to fill in the gaps, venturing further from my own starting points and biases.

The category structure has evolved as I’ve added blogs and will continue to change. Sometimes I wonder if tags would be better, other times I love the directory.

I’m also looking forward to adding plenty more features to help everyone discover more blogs, new and old.


I’m thankful for all those bloggers who have included blogrolls on their sites – invaluable resources for discovering the best stuff. I’m particularly grateful to those whose blogrolls provided jumping-off points for, as we might have once said, surfing the blogosphere: Centauri DreamsJason Kottke (end of the post), Matt Webb, Max BöckMayaMy Theatre MatesThings Magazine, and Warren Ellis.

And thank you to the friends – blogging enthusiasts all – who offered advice and great ideas, most of which I’ve yet to implement: Giles TurnbullJames King, Jeremy Keith, Matt WebbRussell Davies, and Tom Critchlow.