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The newsletter will now be blog posts

I've just sent out the second issue of the email newsletter but, in a sense, it's the last issue of the email newsletter. After this, all blog posts will be sent to the newsletter, and there won't be different content delivered by email. You can subscribe to this blog by RSS or, now by email. There's no newsletter with its own different content.

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OPML and RSS feeds for categories

If there are specific topics you're interested in, this is a good update for you. You can now download OPML files of all the blogs currently in each category, and follow RSS feeds of the blogs added to individual categories.

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Blog posts aren't updating

You might have noticed that no new posts are being added to the site at the moment. For example, the Recently updated blogs page isn't changing. This is because I moved another website to the same server as but that appears to be too much for it – the task that runs every few minutes to fetch new blog posts now quits, bringing down the database with it. Consequently, there won't be any new posts appearing until the VPS gets upgraded a little. Shouldn't be too long.

The first two days

A quick update on how the first couple of days have gone, in terms of getting the word out about far more visitors than expected, far more new blog submissions than hoped for, and an interesting comparison between the effects of Twitter and Mastodon.

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Hello, and welcome to

As I write there are 851 blogs here, all categorised, and all staying updated with their new posts. Hopefully you'll find some blogs here that interest you.

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