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Building Slack

Stories of building Slack — the company, the product, the business, and the culture — told by two employees who were around for the entire journey.

  • By Ali Rayl, Johnny Rodgers
  • Based in United States of America
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Preparing for launch
It was the fall of 2013.Barack Obama was President.Game of Thrones had finished its third season. The red wedding shocked us all.WeWork was worth $440M, and Uber surpassed unicorn status with an eye-popping $3.7B valuation.MoviePass …
On , by Johnny Rodgers, 2,148 words
You asked: Slack is kinda like IRC, no?
Slack is definitely not not like IRC:It intrigued me to observe that early Slack features, such as #channel and /command, bear a resemblance to functionalities found in IRC. This observation prompts a curiosity regarding the …
On , by Ali Rayl, 791 words
You asked: How did you communicate when Slack was down?
From the mailbag:I'd love to know how you collaborated/communicated internally when your own Slack client was down - if it ever happened that way!JR SimsWe just texted each other or hopped on the phone in …
On , by Ali Rayl, 335 words