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Teaching Made Visible

Hallway conversations about teaching and learning.

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Don’t make the same mistakes I keep making
If you teach high school or introductory college physics (or just know the subject well), I wonder if you can tell what I’ve done wrong here: OK, well, I haven’t given you a lot of …
On , by Scott Seagroves, 64 words
summer slowdown
Things have slowed a bit here at TMV. I was going to write about the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision. I have some sketchy notes; I was thinking about the fact that the vast majority …
On , by Scott Seagroves, 58 words
Reflecting on our teaching with gratitude and compassion
Taking some time to reflect on our teaching — before and/or after we teach a lesson or activity, at the end of each week, during and after the teaching term — is a beautiful way …
On , by Linda Strubbe, 64 words