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Swift by Sundell

Weekly Swift articles, podcasts and tips by John Sundell.

  • By John Sundell
  • Based in Poland
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Most recent posts

SwiftUI views versus modifiers
One of the most interesting aspects of SwiftUI, at least from an architectural perspective, is how it essentially treats views as data. After all, a SwiftUI view isn’t a direct representation of the pixels that …
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Observing the content offset of a SwiftUI ScrollView
When building various kinds of scrollable UIs, it’s very common to want to observe the current scroll position (or content offset, as UIScrollView calls it) in order to trigger layout changes, load additional data when …
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Podcast: “The evolution of Swift”, with special guest Nick Lockwood
On this final episode of 2022, Nick Lockwood returns to the show to discuss the overall evolution of Swift and its ecosystem of tools and libraries. How has Swift changed since its original introduction in …
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