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The areas of Internet Law, Intellectual Property and Advertising & Marketing Law.

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Apr 2024 13
May 2024 13
Jun 2024 17

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Most recent posts

‘Scruff’ App Qualifies for Section 230 Immunity–J.R. v. Mancino
“Scruff is a web application that provides a matchmaking platform for men.” I believe competes (at least in part) with Grindr. The plaintiff (the victim’s parent, proceeding pro se) alleges that Scruff app users exchanged …
On , by Eric Goldman, 568 words
Reusing Social Media Photos for Ads? Be Careful!–Khachatryan v. 1 Hotel
This case involves the following photo posted to the “@brave_johnson” Instagram account, which self-describes as the account of a 7-year old and lists 2 URLs for talent agencies: [Note: normally I would think carefully about …
On , by Eric Goldman, 611 words
Court Revives Lawsuit Against Facebook Over Scammy Crypto Ads–Forrest v. Meta
Andrew Forrest is an Australian billionaire. “Beginning in 2019, Dr. Forrest learned that ads using his name and likeness to endorse cryptocurrency and other fraudulent investment products were appearing on Facebook.” Forrest contacted Facebook multiple …
On , by Eric Goldman, 1,831 words