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a philosopHER walks

Walking the world, without and within.

  • By Kathrine Cuccuru
  • Based in United States of America
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Long Distance Launch Event! Stage Three ‘a philosopHER walks’
Join me in person on Sunday 23 April, 3-4pm in The Round George’s function room, 14-15 Sutherland Avenue, Brighton, BN2 0EQ. You will have an opportunity to ASK ME ANYTHING! about the project. And together …
On , by aphilosopherwalks, 75 words
Drifting, walking for surviving and thriving: Stage Two of ‘a philosopHER walks’
[Content Note: swear words, discussion of poverty and chronic illness] I am drifting. Untethered, unfettered, movement. Seeing where it takes me, rather than where I am taken. An important difference. To drift purposefully without purpose, …
On , by aphilosopherwalks, 1,787 words
Pedestrian at Best: Stage One of ‘a philosopHER walks’
[Content note: swear words] All I want to do is walk. Me and my pack and (my first thought) the entire south west coast of England. From the official website, it looks like all of …
On , by aphilosopherwalks, 1,313 words