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Ten Years in Sweden

A blog about Swedish culture, societal norms, and personal insights from a decade in Sweden.

  • By Javier Toms
  • Based in Sweden
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The Estonia Case: Challenging Sweden's Blind Faith in Government
The Estonia disaster of 1994, in which a Baltic Sea ferry sank and hundreds of people lost their lives, symbolizes a problematic phenomenon in Swedish society: faith in the state. This event has raised deep …
On , by Javier Toms, 808 words
The illusion of support
Once again, one of these countless, long, and agonizing meetings occurred in a Swedish luxury resort. A strange mixture of busyness and relaxation typical of this event characterized the atmosphere. Knowing that the problems were …
On , by Javier Toms, 1,418 words
The nanny state
Sweden is a nanny state. Some people there don't like to hear that. It's a humorous, sometimes slightly mocking term for a social system in which the state plays an overly caring or patronizing role. …
On , by Javier Toms, 743 words