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Cellebrite asks cops to keep its phone hacking tech ‘hush hush’
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai reports: For years, cops and other government authorities all over the world have been using phone hacking technology provided by Cellebrite to unlock phones and obtain the data within. And the company has …
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Police are getting DNA data from people who think they opted out
Jordan Smith reports: Cece Moore, an actress and director-turned-genetic genealogist, stood behind a lectern at New Jersey’s Ramapo College in late July. Propelled onto the national stage by the popular PBS show “Finding Your Roots,” …
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‘Digidogs’ are the latest in crime-fighting technology. Privacy advocates are terrified.
Joe Anuto recently reported: On a Harlem street this summer, New Yorkers caught a glimpse of the future. Strutting between a logjam of NYPD vehicles blocking an intersection was one of the NYPD’s newest recruits: …
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