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Donald Clark Plan B

What is Plan B? Not Plan A!

  • By Donald Clark
  • Based in United Kingdom
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EU AI legislation is firming up and I fear the worst. Danger of overregulation...
There are some good structural aspects of the legislation in terms of classifying size of organisation to avoid penalising small innovative firms and research, as well as classifying risks but as the Irishman said when …
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Bakhtin (1895-1975) dialogics, learning and AI
Mikhail Bakhtin, the Russian philosopher and literary critic, developed a theory of language which saw dialogue as primary. He took this idea and applied it to learning. By dialogue he mean social interaction between people, …
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Why ‘storytelling’ sucks
The Story Paradox, by Jonathon Gottschall, will disturb you. It is taken as a given that stories are a force for good. That is the orthodoxy, especially among the supposedly educated. But what if the …
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