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Grandma Williams

Exploring the modern world at 80+.

  • By Joyce Williams
  • Based in United Kingdom
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Most recent posts

Curiosity went down to the woods and had a surprise.
The Knees needed their daily. Curiosity looked at the map and suggested this. A thin strip of woodland, apparently a ridge between two suburban areas just north of Glasgow. It turned out to be as …
On , by grandmawilliams, 83 words
Curiosity! A free gift for a rich life?
Curiosity! A free gift for a rich life. “Curiosity” definitely needs some outdoor exercise. We can go out! But only locally. Where to go? “Curiosity” is my best ever gift. Suspect that my Mother gave …
On , by grandmawilliams, 72 words
I Have a Death Wish! Have you?
Happy to die now? Surprisingly, “Yes!” Now, is of course, my 86 th year. No commiserations needed. I am not in any way ill, actually quite fit. I don’t wish my life to end, enjoy …
On , by grandmawilliams, 77 words