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Thoughts and musings about a lifelong fascination with railways.

  • By Michael
  • Based in Canada
  • Roughly three posts per month
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Posts per month

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Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Oct 2022 2
Nov 2022 2
Dec 2022 3
Jan 2023 4
Feb 2023 2
Mar 2023 3
Apr 2023 3
May 2023 4
Jun 2023 3
Jul 2023 3
Aug 2023 4
Sep 2023 2
Oct 2023 3
Nov 2023 3
Dec 2023 3
Jan 2024 3
Feb 2024 3
Mar 2024 3
Apr 2024 3
May 2024 2

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

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I wasn't in the habit of taking rail photos in the late 1990s when I began my post-secondary education in Ottawa at Carleton University in September 1996. In retrospect, it would have been a fun …
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Illegitimus non Carborundum
In the spirit of full disclosure, which is part of my mission as a mental health public speaker, I will share that I am once again struggling with my life as it is, mainly due …
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Let's give thanks for the Bytown Railway Society
In my years since I started blogging, I've come across the Bytown Railway Society regularly, mostly through social media, but also in casual conversations or through research. Chances are, if you are looking into the …
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