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Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Scholar/ Practitioner's thoughts on education.

  • By Larry Cuban
  • Based in United States of America
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Jan 2024 9
Feb 2024 12
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Apr 2024 4

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Most recent posts

How Ads for Tech Devices Have Changed
Autos replace horse and buggies. Home washers and dryers replace clotheslines and laundry stores. Television replaces radio. The list goes on but the point is clear. In America, newer technologies replace older ones. Most Americans …
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Teacher Absenteeism: Managing the Dilemma
That both student and teacher absenteeism has increased since Covid-19 closed America’s schools is accepted as a fact (see here, here, and here). When students and teachers repeatedly miss school, experts say, learning losses occur. …
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Classroom Technologies: Clickers
Like laptops and desktop computers, clickers have entered many classrooms over the past thirty years. Called “student response systems,” clickers are hand-held devices that students use to answer teacher questions. I have seen teachers in …
On , by larrycuban, 610 words