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LEGO Ninjago & DreamZZZ Crossover Episodes
As we have discussed last year, Ninjago – Dream Team is a crossover episode of LEGO DreamZzz and LEGO Ninjago. In the story, Ninjago is actually a television show in DreamZzz, just as it is …
On , by Thita (admin), 62 words
More New Products from LEGO Customizers
Two of my favorite LEGO customizers released a series of new products, so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss them here as well. LEGO customizer EclipseGRAFX mostly focuses on high-quality custom …
On , by Thita (admin), 62 words
LEGO Love Gift Box with Cute Puppy & More!
(Written by William) The #40679 LEGO Love Gift Box was a recently released gift-with-purchase set for Valentine’s Day. I collect holiday-themed gift-with-purchase sets, and although this may not be as exciting as the larger freebies, …
On , by Thita (admin), 65 words