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Miss Pearl

Non-professional perspective femdom & kink, with awesome erotica.

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“Just do whatever the dominant wants” is a bad way to (exclusively) define femdom
(Brace yourself, I am being very verbose.) I think, as a community, we haven’t fully grappled with the fact that the roles of dominant and submissive are not always perfect puzzle pieces/mirrors of each other. …
On , by Miss Pearl, 72 words
Miss Pearl’s Elust 167
Oops! Everything old is new again, and the webring of yesteryear is back – now run courtesy of blogger Oz You might have seen me participate in this a few times already, and honestly I …
On , by Miss Pearl, 78 words
Kinky, Queer, Feminist and Poly Dracula, and It’s (Mis)readings
Ah, Dracula. Published in 1897 by horror and fantasy writer, reviewer and theater manager, it occupies a space as the most well known vampire story, and also so incredibly copied and adapted that while everyone …
On , by Miss Pearl, 72 words