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I’m an education journalist, co-founder of the daily survey app, Teacher Tapp, and renowned keynote speaker.

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A Cumulatively Effective Way of Dealing With Worries
At the age of seven, I waved a medical encyclopedia in front of my parents and announced that I had “free-floating anxiety”. The book was one of only a few we had in the house, …
On , by Laura McInerney, 725 words
What’s milk got to do with school improvement?
Imagine your boss comes along and asks you: ‘How can we improve your working life?’ What do you say? If my experience of asking lots of questions to teachers over the years is anything to …
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How a 1930s pub inspired education research🍺
Everyone was battered in the old days, right? In our modern millennium, the trend is different. Non-alcoholic gins are the next big Babycham. Whereas, back in the 1930s, the average pub-goer would put away between …
On , by Laura McInerney, 603 words