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Preserved Traction

News and Updates to the Preserved North American Electric Railway Cars (PNAERC) List.

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Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Jan 2023 7
Feb 2023 3
Mar 2023 5
Apr 2023 5
May 2023 4
Jun 2023 6
Jul 2023 4
Aug 2023 3
Sep 2023 6
Oct 2023 3
Nov 2023 8
Dec 2023 10
Jan 2024 9
Feb 2024 9
Mar 2024 6
Apr 2024 4
May 2024 4

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

North Shore 228 Restored
Hot on the heels of Illinois Terminal line car 1702 being outshopped by IRM, another Midwestern organization has restored and operated a piece of non-revenue equipment that hadn't run since retirement. This is Chicago North …
On , by Frank Hicks, 296 words
Whiskey Island Car Pusher Finds New Home
A few weeks ago, we posted a story here about the last Hulett ore unloaders in existence - a pair of disassembled Huletts stored at Whiskey Island in Cleveland - being threatened, along with a …
On , by Frank Hicks, 298 words
Illinois Terminal Line Car Runs
As outlined on our sister Hicks Car Works blog here and here, the Illinois Railway Museum has gotten its Illinois Terminal line car, IT 1702, operating for the first time since it left the IT …
On , by Frank Hicks, 174 words