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Your source for all things LEGO and the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) community.

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Nov 2023 22
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Jan 2024 31
Feb 2024 22

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Most recent posts

A Builder's Guide to the Scrumptious LEGO Sausage
The humble LEGO sausage element (33078) has been around since 1998. But is there still untapped yumminess there despite being so long-lived? Personally, it’s one of my favorite oddball parts with a wide variety of …
On , by Josh Parkinson, 2,759 words
Building a GBC Module From Start to Finish
Today, we dive into the mechanical madness of my latest GBC module, "Soccer Shooter." We will explore all the different mechanisms and interesting building techniques hidden inside the module along with showing my design process …
On , by Noah de lange, 1,766 words
The Silmarillion in LEGO
The Lord of the Rings is an extremely popular series of books and films—and for good reason. The world of Middle Earth is incredibly detailed and immersive, and I would argue that no other fantasy …
On , by Caleb Huet, 2,359 words