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Caroline's Miscellany

Unusual London history and places of interest to visit, Deptford, Brittany, Postman's Park.

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2023 4
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Myths in concrete
In Rainham Marshes, at the edge of the Thames, lie strange and abandoned craft. These odd survivors are concrete barges, stranded by the shore and surrounded by myth. Why were they built? It's not certain, …
On , by CarolineLD, 390 words
Bains de Chateaudun
I'm very fond of this Paris facade, on the rue du Faubourg Montmartre. It advertises hydrotherapy at the Chateaudun Baths, now long gone. There doesn't seem to be much information about what services were offered …
On , by CarolineLD, 98 words
Seeds of success
If you don't know this building in St Albans, you might not guess its original purpose. The best clue is perhaps not the stained glass, or the curved gables, but the glass roof. The building …
On , by CarolineLD, 390 words