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Learning By Shipping

products, development, management.

  • By Steven Sinofsky
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When a Business Pleads to be Regulated
On regulatory capture…1/ There are two reactions a company can have when faced with calls for regulation. One is to appear to capitulate & work w/regulators to find a least disruptive path. Other is to …
On , by Steven Sinofsky, 1,129 words
AI, ChatGPT, and Bing…Oh My
And Sydney too. Consolidating some thoughts on an exciting two weeks of surprises, advances, and retreats in AI.The following brings together three twitter threads on the launch of ChatGPT, the launch of Bing Chat, the …
On , by Steven Sinofsky, 4,933 words
CES 2023 — More Business, Less Spectacle
CES 2023 — More Business, Less SpectacleI walked 65,000 steps and looked at every booth, so you don’t have to.CES 2023 (or #CES2023 as they say) was my return to the live show after a …
On , by Steven Sinofsky, 9,042 words