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how we montessori

How we implement the principles of Maria Montessori in our home.

  • By Kylie
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Six Blindfold Activities for Children 3yrs+
Have you tried any blindfold activities with your child? If your child goes to a Montessori school, it's likely they have tried some sensorial activities like the pink tower, knobbed cylinders, thermic tablets, perhaps even …
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Gift Ideas for Three Year Olds!
Are you looking for a gift for a three-year-old? There are a lot of gift ideas here. I hope you find this list helpful! Scooter (AU here) - three is a great time to start …
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A child size electric skillet - preparing the child to cook independently
Does your child cook independently? Montessori families often teach young children to cook things like eggs pretty early, so this isn't a new thought. But just in case you haven't tried it yet, or your …
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