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Every year the BBC opens its archives to a wide range of academics researching the BBC’s role in national and international history. Their research leads to bestselling books, academic papers and in-depth journalistic articles.

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Migrant Voices on the BBC
‘It has never been the BBC’s intention to set itself up as the arbiter of pronunciation, but inadvertently it tends to be regarded as such’. These were the words of Miss G.M. Miller, a long-serving …
On , by Stewart McCain - Senior Lecturer in History, 1,164 words
Alistair Cooke and Letter from America
Alistair Cooke’s Letter from America ran for five decades on BBC Radio 4, its predecessor the Home Service, and the World Service. It remains the longest-running speech radio programme hosted by one individual and consists …
On , by Glenda Cooper and Howard Tumber, 1,218 words
Tune in to Switched On
This year the Science Museum Group is celebrating the BBC's centenary through displays, exhibitions and events across three museum sites (National Science and Media Museum, Science Museum and Science and Industry Museum) on a programme …
On , by Charlotte Howard, 1,107 words