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Not £2 Grand

M&S motoring, Aldi prices.

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The Dacia Sandero…
Good news! The Dacia Sandero is now, despite used car prices going a bit… daft, available for under two grand. Bust out the balloons, fire off the party poppers and bust out the cake, for …
On , by The Pollitt, 1,021 words
Project Unwise – Yes, We Bought A Rover Streetwise
In case it hasn’t become alarmingly apparent yet, we like a car from the Midlands here at Not £2 Grand. Mike has a 214SEi R8, Pollitt has an 800 and he also has a back …
On , by The Pollitt, 879 words
Project ZX Spectrum – Show n Shine
This is how at all started, about six months ago. Covered in horrid, hand painted flames, down at heel, tired, in need of a lot of love and looking very sorry for itself as a …
On , by The Pollitt, 1,093 words