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13 blogs about Futures.

  1. be the future
    “make it better don't give up.” By josh. 🇺🇸

    the right stuff
    photo caption: a concert in an arena. the stage is lit up in funky red shapes. hundreds of people in the audience are dancing along to the music. think of all the data we could …
    By josh, 1,260 words

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  2. Bryan Alexander
    “Futurist, educator, speaker, writer.” 🇺🇸

    Imagining the climate crisis: notes on Extrapolations
    How can we imagine the climate crisis in its full complexity, menace, and possibility? Answering this question is what climate fiction (never call it “cli-fi”) attempts to do. I’ve been exploring the field (some examples …
    By Bryan Alexander, 1,051 words

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  3. Future | Understand the Future and How to Build It
    “Future explores how technology is transforming our world—from crypto and biology to gaming and social networks.” 🇺🇸

    Last chance to preorder the "50 Years" book!
    If you missed the Kickstarter this summer, I successfully crowdfunded a print run for a beautiful print and digital edition of 50 Years of Text Games. I’m getting ready to finalize the print run with …
    By Aaron A. Reed, 312 words

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  4. Hinesight....for Foresight | Blog
    “Apply foresight to help organisations make more creative, innovative, and forward-looking decisions.” By Andy Hines. 🇺🇸

    Emerging into After Capitalism
    I’ve frequently run into the quip that it is easier to imagine end of the world than the end of capitalism. It’s not going to be easy! Certainly, not as simple as flipping a switch …
    By Andy Hines, 71 words

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  5. Houston Foresight – Blog

    It’s here: SG 2023: Images of the Future AGENDA
    What purposes do images of the future serve? How are images of the future most effectively communicated? How are images of the future constructed? Next month, the students, staff, alumni, and friends of the Houston …
    By Nicci Obert, 215 words

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  6. Jim Caroll - Blog
    “Futurist, Author, Innovation Expert & Keynote Speaker!” By Jim Carroll. 🇨🇦

    Artificial intelligence. A.I. ChatGPT. Stable Diffusion – The Promise and Peril of Our Fast Future (LONG POST!)
    The advances in AI this year have been staggering and impressive. Can you ever remember when a new technology burst onto the scene with such wild speed? I can – when the World Wide Web …
    By JimCarroll, 2,417 words

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  7. Journal of Futures Studies * Perspectives Archives

    Disrupting Identity: Applying CLA to the Ongoing Digitization of the Self
    By Tracey Follows Is Identity the Issue of Our Age? How am I authenticated? What does my biology have in store for me? How can I explore alternative personas in a virtual game? Where does …
    By Abril Chimal, 3,204 words

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  8. Lifeboat Foundation News Blog
    “Has tens of thousands of scientific blog posts!” 🇺🇸

    Meet the new giant spider species described as “rare and secretive”
    A new, giant species of trapdoor spider has been discovered in Queensland, Australia, which researchers are describing as “rare” and “secretive.” The species, Euoplos dignitas, was identified after four years of intensive fieldwork by researchers …
    By Genevieve Klien, 99 words

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  9. Long Now - Ideas
    “A living archive of long-term thinking.” 🇺🇸

    Becky Chambers & Annalee Newitz
    Join us for a thought-provoking conversation between two Hugo award-winning science fiction authors, Becky Chambers and Annalee Newitz. Known for challenging classic science fiction tropes such as war, violence, and colonialism, both authors create vivid …
    By The Long Now Foundation, 105 words

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  10. Overcoming Bias
    “This is a blog on why we believe and do what we do, why we pretend otherwise, how we might do better, and what our descendants might do, if they don't all die.” By Robin Hanson. 🇬🇧

    Are Elites Displacing Experts?
    Peter Turchin has some interesting theories of cycles of empires in history. I’ve puzzled over his suggestion that “elite overproduction” is consistently part of the fall of empires, and that we are seeing it today. …
    By Robin Hanson, 873 words

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  11. The Roots of Progress – Posts
    “All blog posts on The Roots of Progress.” By Jason Crawford, et al. 🇺🇸

    The epistemic virtue of scope matching
    Something a little bit different today. I’ll tie it in to progress, I promise. I keep noticing a particular epistemic pitfall (not exactly a “fallacy”), and a corresponding epistemic virtue that avoids it. I want …
    By Jason Crawford, 1,364 words

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  12. Teach the Future | Blog
    “Get inspired by ideas on teaching the future from our global team of volunteers, facilitators, trainers, academics and teachers.” 🇺🇸

    AGENDA World Futures Day - Young Voices
    World Futures Day Young Voices (WFD-YV) is here! Join the 24hours conversation about the future with Young Voices from around the world! The livestream started at 5pm (GMT +13) and will continue until 5pm (GMT …
    By Lourdes Rodriguez, 92 words

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  13. The Technium
    “Making the Inevitable Obvious.” By Kevin Kelly. 🇺🇸

    Cringeworthy in the Future
    The New York Times asked me (and others) to suggest some things our descendents might be embarrassed about in the future. Things we do now, that might make future generations cringe. Good question! My reply …
    By Kevin Kelly, 192 words

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