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Blogs about Urbanism

6 blogs about Urbanism.

  1. Bryan Boyer – Medium
    “Buildings & cities & all the things between. More at” 🇺🇸
    What does it mean to design urban technology?
    We’ve recently launched a new degree program in Urban Technology at University of Michigan that combines urbanism, technology, and design. But what does design mean in this context? Like many aspects of creating a new …
    By Bryan Boyer, 5,739 words

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  2. City Monitor
    “City Monitor covers housing, transport, infrastructure, design, zoning and urban policy innovations in cities around the world.” 🇬🇧
    Cancelling Camberwell: Why parliamentary boundaries matter
    Residents of Camberwell in south-east London have been shocked by proposals from the Boundary Commission that we feel could have a detrimental impact on our political voice and our community identity. Will Camberwell look the …
    By Sophy Tayler, 744 words

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  3. Dan Hill – Medium
    “Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Melbourne School of Design. Previously, Swedish gov, Arup, UCL IIPP, Fabrica, Helsinki Design Lab, BBC etc.” 🇦🇺
    Agencies to work in the gaps, and holding up questions in public: the ArkDes case
    Infield by Linda Tegg (2020), growing outside the ArkDes buildingPublic agencies for public questions, and systemically working in the gaps: the ArkDes caseOn the role of design-led agencies that can work as cement between bricks, …
    By Dan Hill, 2,809 words

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  4. NEW
    “I’m a writer of code and words. The thing that matters most to me is unlocking human potential, so I think a lot about incentive design, tools for thought, and cities.” By Devon Zuegel. 🇺🇸
    Numbers for understanding cities
    Whenever I think about physical places, I find myself coming back to a few types of numbers again and again. I've collected these into spreadsheets so that I can reference them more easily, and I …
    By Devon Zuegel, 129 words

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  5. Granola Shotgun
    By Johnny Sanphillippo. 🇺🇸
    I’ve been told by many a die hard suburbanite that there are more dogs in San Francisco than children. Their point is that cities are a weird aberration that accommodates a sliver of society that’s …
    By Johnny Sanphillippo, 502 words

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  6. Places Journal
    “Public scholarship on architecture, landscape, and urbanism.” 🇺🇸
    At the University of Oregon: “On Wimmin’s Land”
    Places Journal and University of Oregon College of Design co-sponsored a panel inspired by Sasha Archibald’s article on the lesbian separatist communes of Southern Oregon. Read on Places Journal
    By Places Editors, 37 words

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