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Blogs about Everyday Carry

15 blogs about Everyday Carry.

  1. The Brooks Review
    About what draws my interest. My obsession with finding the what is best. Not ‘for most people’, the best thing I can find. By Ben Brooks. 🇺🇸 More info

    R.M. Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boot
    Back in December, my wife gifted me a pair of these R.M. Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boots which I had been drooling over for some time. A perfect gift. The jump from Blundstone to R.M. …
    By Ben Brooks, 1,089 words
  2. Carryology | Exploring Better Ways to Carry
    We share insights, ideas and inspiration about bags, luggage, wallets and other goods that help you carry, with the hope that you can keep the things that are most precious to you close by when you go out to conquer the world. 🇺🇸 More info

    GEAR AID x Carryology Essentials Heroclip
    We are proud and excited to introduce the newly updated Carryology Essentials, Gear Aid x Carryology Heroclip. After the unprecedented success of our first Essentials collaboration, and our limited edition Titanium Asanoha, we knew we …
    By Laurence Fry, 373 words
  3. Everyday Carry - What are your EDC essentials?
    A peek into the pockets of people worldwide, showcasing our every day essentials. By Bernard Capulong, et al. More info

    Solve All Your Packing Problems With Ridge’s New Expanded Travel Collection
    submitted by Chris Van HovenRiding hot on the heels of its hugely successful Ridge Travel Collection, Ridge further expands its line of functional, durable, and stylish travel gear to offer even more options when planning …
    869 words
  4. Everyday Commentary
    By Anthony Sculimbrene. 🇺🇸 More info

    Artisan Satyr Review
    There is a tremendous bias against Chinese made knives, even now when are positively flooded with stellar exemplars. The Satyr (pronounced like the Passover feast “seder”) is one of those knives. So here is the …
    By Anthony Sculimbrene, 1,672 words
  5. Grizzly's Reviews
    Honest and Detailed Flashlight Reviews from an Enthusiast. More info

    Nitecore EDC33 Review – EDC-Size Innovation
    Contents Pricing & Availability What comes in the box? Design & Construction Size & Measurements User Interface Emitter & Beam Mode Chart Runtime Driver & Regulation Switch Carry & Ergonomics Batteries & Charging Competition Conclusion …
    By Tactical Grizzly, 2,330 words
  6. Knife Steel Nerds
    Articles and original research for knife makers and enthusiasts about steel metallurgy and knife design. By Larrin Thomas. 🇺🇸 More info

    Knife Steel Nerds at Blade Show 2024
    I will be at Blade Show Atlanta again this year. The big thing on my schedule is a Blade University class on June 7th, Friday morning. I have done different Blade University classes the past …
    By Larrin, 212 words
  7. The Pen Addict
    The best pen review site on the internet. Gel pens, Fountain Pens, Japanese pens, and more! 🇺🇸 More info

    Penedex, Your Digital Pen Cup (Sponsor)
    Penedex is your digital pen cup where you can catalog your pen and ink collection, stay on top of your currently inked pens, and prepare for a pen show visit. You can add details to …
    By Brad Dowdy, 261 words
  8. Selfbuilt's Flashlight
    Comparative analyses of modern LED flashlights. By Eric. 🇨🇦 More info

    Wuben X1 Falcon
    The X1 is a very high-output flashlight featuring three XHP70.2 emitters running on two included 21700 rechargeable batteries. It features a distinctive build, with a built-in fan to maintain excellent thermal performance during max output. …
    By selfbuilt, 2,893 words
  9. Stephen Knight Photography
    Articles and Tutorials on Light Painting Techniques. Reviews and Buying Guides for Flashlights, Torches, and Light Painting Tools. 🇦🇺 More info

    Lightroom Preset Pack 1
    To celebrate 10 years of light painting, I have released a pack of 5 presets for Lightroom. This free to download pack contains 3 presets designed for light painting photography, and 2 film simulation presets …
    By Stephen Knight, 530 words
  10. The Time Bum
    A blog about affordable wrist watches with reviews, guides, commentary and more. By Loren Sciurba, et al. 🇺🇸 More info

    Watches of Summer!
    It’s summertime, folks! As the weather heats up, we will look for ways to cool down, chill out, and maybe even take some time to head to our favorite vacation… The post Watches of Summer! …
    By Loren Sciurba, 44 words
  11. Tim McMahon
    Software Developer in Melbourne, Australia. 🇦🇺 More info

    NLIGHTD L2 A Tiny Laser Excited Phosphor Torch Review
    NLIGHTD L2 Specifications Introduction Torch in use Build quality LED, bezel, lens, reflector and beam Size and comparison User interface Batteries and charging Performance Beamshots Conclusion Price Product page Specifications Brand/model NLIGHTD L2 LEP CT1-Mini …
    1,621 words
  12. The Well-Appointed Desk
    For the love of pens, paper, office supplies and a beautiful place to work. By Ana Reinert, et al. 🇺🇸 More info

    Art Supply Review: Kokuyo Pasta Solid Markers
    Review by Tina Koyama I’m always curious about art materials with unique properties, and Kokuyo Pasta Solid Markers (30/$82.50; smaller sets available) certainly fill the bill on many counts. (And Pasta – what a curious …
    By Ana, 799 words
  13. WristWatchReview
    Unbiased Wrist Watch Reviews Since 2004. By John Biggs. 🇺🇸 More info

    Cuervo y Sobrinos Rough Riders: in review
    As we mentioned in our last review (seen here), Cuervo y Sobrinos is a proudly Cuban (or at least Cuban-inspired) watch brand. A formative event in Cuba’s history is the Spanish-American War, which involved Cuban …
    By Patrick Kansa, 733 words
  14. Zak Reviews
    More info

    Arbitrary List of Popular Lights - Summer Solstice 2024 Edition
    Happy Solstice! In honor of Summer Solstice, I've made an updated list of popular lights. Today is the day you're least likely to need a flashlight in the Northern Hemisphere, but in oncly increases from …
    By Zak, 1,284 words
  15. ZeroAir Reviews
    A site for things that interest a flashlight fan! More info

    Wurkkos Golden WK03 Flashlight Review
    🔦🔦 Wurkkos Golden WK03 Flashlight Review 🔦 ZeroAir Reviews 🔦🔦The Wurkkos Golden WK03 flashlight features a 5000K Nichia 519a emitter and is a low-cost 18650-based light offering USB-C charging and a nice range of outputs. …
    By zeroair, 58 words