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  1. Traingeek – Trains and Photography
    I am a photographer who specializes in trains and grain elevators. I like to tell stories through my photos and my blog. By Steve Boyko. 🇨🇦 More info

    Going For a Spin
    One of the ways to turn a locomotive is by using a turntable. Unlike steam engines, diesel locomotives rarely need to be turned, but the need arises at times... and so there are still a …
    By steve, 55 words
  2. Travel Writing World
    Travel Writing Interviews and Resources. By Jeremy Bassetti. 🇺🇸 More info

    Michael Kerr on 2024 Travel Books
    Michael Kerr joins me on the podcast to chat about the transformation of travel media from storytelling to a more utilitarian approach driven by the internet and market forces, the current trends in travel books …
    By Jeremy Bassetti, 271 words
  3. The Untourists - Travel Blog
    A couple's travel blog about week-day travels in India and abroad searching for interestingness. By Paramvir Singh, Shikha Makan. 🇮🇳 More info

    The Lovely Home Kitchens of Mumbai
    The Untourists The Untourists - Travel Blog - Discovering the beautiful world we live in. We have always felt Indian food is best had in a home. There is no, not one restaurant which serves …
    842 words