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Blogs about Death and graves

3 blogs about Death and graves.

  1. Cemetery Club
    “Museums of People // Libraries of the Dead.” By Sheldon K. Goodman. 🇬🇧
    The Queen has died – so what happens next?
    An inevitable day has finally happened. The Queen’s extraordinary reign – 70 years and 214 days – has drawn to a close, making her the second longest reigning monarch in history, behind Louis XIV of …
    By Sheldon K Goodman, 65 words

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  2. The Graveyard Detective
    By Laurie Manton. 🇬🇧
    2022-04-13 10:47
    A Grisly End to a Lancashire Policeman.A grisly end. Sergeant William James Bedwell of the Lancashire Mounted Police had tied his legs together, cut his throat and jumped in the River RIbble -buried at Preston …
    By Laurie, 58 words

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  3. The London Dead
    “Stories from our cemeteries, crypts and churchyards.” By David Bingham. 🇬🇧
    A Hebrew Family Romance; Sir Edward Sassoon, Bart. M.P. (1856-1912) Liberal Jewish Cemetery, Pound Lane, Willesden
    Serious Motoring Accident at Cannes. Jan. 20. Sir Edward Sassoon met with a serious accident this morning. Whilst he was motoring to the golf links the car encountered a restive horse, and though the chauffeur …
    By David Bingham, 1,431 words

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