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6 blogs about Psychogeography.

  1. The LRM - The Loiterers Resistance Movement | Blog

    October 2023 First Sunday Slight Detour - its on a Wednesday
    Dear friends, lovers and loiterers It’s First Sunday, this Sunday, and so time for another wonderful wander together… except not quite. Occasionally we do indulge in a little time slippage, and a few folk have …
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  2. lukebennett13
    “Tracing the spectacular within the humdrum of the built environment.” By Luke Bennett. 🇬🇧

    ‘Going Underground’ and ‘On the Rocks’: Announcing Exploring #2 and #3‘, our forthcoming Sheffield Hallam University Space & Place Group online sessions, on 26 October & 16 November 2023
    “Because it’s there” George Leigh Mallory, on why he wanted to climb Everest (New York Times, 18 March 1923) Since 2012 the Sheffield Hallam University Space & Place Group has been convening interdisciplinary conversations about …
    By lukebennett13, 2,484 words

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  3. Particulations
    “A psychogeography and cultural theory blog.” By Tina Richardson. 🇬🇧

    2023-08-29 11:37
    Schizocartography of a SeasideThe above is a recent 'map' of mine published by Colossive Press. It is for a series entitled 'Colossive Cartographies'. They are foldable maps in an A5 size. Below are some more …
    By Particulations, 48 words

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  4. Psychogeographic Review
    “The Art of Psychogeography.” 🇬🇧

    Crimes of Cymru: Classic Mystery Tales of Wales – Edited by Martin Edwards
    Book Review – August 2023 Macabre fiction has been a particular strength of Welsh writers over the years, perhaps in part inspired by the alluring yet sometomes eerie quality of the landscape. I have to …
    By Bobby Seal, 617 words

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  5. Situationniste Blog
    “A Situationist Book Collector's Blog.” 🇺🇸

    Announcement: Situationist Reading Group [via Zoom]
    Dear readers, Sharing the announcement below in case some of you are interested. You can reach out to Ken ([email protected]) directly to get added. ——————————————————————————-Dear Friends and Contacts, As an experiment, I am going to …
    By elhajoui, 465 words

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  6. the urban prehistorian NEW
    “the contemporary archaeology of prehistory.” 🇬🇧

    The V word
    Graffiti has been on my mind a lot recently, prompted by a visit to Machrie Moor on the island of Arran in the summer where we noticed that one of the standing stones at circle …
    By balfarg, 2,621 words

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