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Blogs about Psychogeography

2 blogs about Psychogeography.

  1. Particulations
    “A psychogeography and cultural theory blog.” By Tina Richardson. 🇬🇧
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    Biography Dr Tina Richardson is a social scientist and has been teaching across humanities-based subjects since 2009. Her interdisciplinary background enables her to teach across a number of subject areas, such as English, History, Psychology, …
    By Particulations, 333 words

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  2. Psychogeographic Review
    “The Art of Psychogeography.” 🇬🇧
    Psychogeographic Review’s Books of the Year, 2022
    What is psychogeography, anyway? My understanding of the concept is three-fold: it is a theory, a practice and a body of evidence. The most interesting of these, for me, is the body of evidence: the …
    By Bobby Seal, 2,161 words

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