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Blogs about VR, AR and virtual worlds

4 blogs about VR, AR and virtual worlds.

  1. The Creation Engine No. 2
    By Jim Purbrick. 🇬🇧

    How (Not) To Build a Metaverse
    Earlier in the year I helped Josh Sanburn and his team put together a podcast series on building Second Life for the Wall Street Journal called “How To Build a Metaverse” which I’m now really …
    By Jim Purbrick, 55 words

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  2. Gwyneth Llewelyn's essays on Second Life®
    “My blog about virtual worlds, online communities, artificial intelligence, crowd simulation, law and ethics in online spaces.”

    Real-time statistics from Second Life
    This is a simple experiment which I did while trying to learn how to programme in Google AppScript, which allows data from a Google Sheet to be imported from the ‘outside world’, placed & properly …
    By Gwyneth Llewelyn, 61 words

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  3. New World Notes
    “The Internet's longest-running metaverse news and culture site. From Wagner James Au, author of "The Making of Second Life".” 🇺🇸

    4 Reasons to Doubt Generative AI Will Be as Transformative as All of Silicon Valley Apparently Thinks
    Interesting Axios story illustrates just how much Silicon Valley has shifted its interest and investment into Generative AI startups like OpenAI and Midjourney, away from metaverse platforms and related technology: According to PitchBook data compiled …
    By SLHamlet, 1,032 words

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  4. Raph's Website
    “Raph Koster's personal website: MMOs, gaming, writing, art, music, books.” 🇺🇸

    Ultima Online’s 25th anniversary
    Well, twenty-five years is a long time. Half a life, in fact! Given that I actually started work on UO on September 1st 1995, it’s actually more than half. The fact that the game is …
    By Raph Koster, 924 words

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