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Some questions that we’ve imagined might be asked frequently.

What sites are included?

This isn’t an attempt to collect every blog, but it’s also bigger than a personal list of favourites. Here are the rough guidelines so far:

  • Every blog must have an RSS or Atom feed.
  • Newsletters aren't included. Some sites are a blog and a newsletter, with identical content, but only those which mainly seem like a blog are included.
  • Only blogs updated within the past couple of months or so are added.
  • Tumblrs are only included if they’re either focused on a specific topic or feature original content.
  • Link blogs are only included if they include original commentary about each link.
  • At the moment we only have the ability to check and add English-language blogs, sorry.
  • No blogs promoting hate speech, denial of climate change, anti-vax ideas, etc.

Rules will probably be changed over time as more blogs are added.

Where is the blog I submitted?

Probably in the very, very long pool of suggested blogs. It will take a long time to get through all the blogs that have been kindly submitted. Partly this is because it takes time to review each one. And also because I want anyone subscribed to the feed of “Recently Added Blogs”, or visiting the front page, a manageable number of varied blogs. So publishing hundreds of blogs about writing code (a large percentage of the submissions) would not be a great experience.

Why is this blog in that category?

Some blogs are easy to categorise. Others are harder. A few are impossible. Think of a category as a rough guide to some of a blog’s content.

Some blogs appear in two or, occasionally, three categories. If it would take more than that, it ends up in the wonderland of Uncategorizable.

How often are blogs’ feeds fetched?

See the page about the feed crawler.

How do I use a “feed”?

You use a “news reader” or “feed reader” app or website. This will automatically update whenever the blogs you follow publish new posts.

To read more see About Feeds by Matt Webb.

How do I start blogging?

Visit Get Blogging by Ben Werdmuller to find out more.

Where can I find even more blogs?

If you want to explore more blogs, try these sites:

  • Blogroll, “a humanly curated list of fine personal & independent blogs that are updated regularly” by Ray
  • Feedland, “a place to share and discover feeds” by Dave Winer
  • Feedle, “a search engine for blogs and podcasts”
  • Search My Site, “search real content by real people from the indieweb / the small web / digital gardens.”