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"To waste one second of one's life is a betrayal of one's self! I wonder what's on television?".

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The Daleks in Colour
Doctor Who fans of a certain vintage will have fond memories of the omnibuses that were a regular Christmas treat during the first half of the 1970’s (they would occasionally pop up during different times …
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The Tomorrow People – Changes. New book due December 2023
A decade has passed since teen pop sensation Gabriel burst onto the scene. Rescued from the shattered ruins of a city devastated by alien invaders, the plight of the golden-haired orphan with the face – …
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Doctor Who on the iPlayer
At the beginning of November, nearly all of the Whoniverse (a word that causes me to grind my teeth ever so slightly) came to the iPlayer. Apart from the first story (An Unearthly Child) the …
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