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Blogs about Arts and media

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13 blogs about Arts and media.

  1. 3:AM Magazine
    Whatever it is, we're against it. 🇺🇸 More info

    Les Story
    by Charles Mines. Les was fat with crooked eyes and messed-up teeth. And he told me he’d died at age twelve. Died in a bike accident, revived, died again, and revived once more at the …
    By Daniel Davis Wood, 793 words
  2. #algopop
    Studying the appearance of algorithms in popular culture and everyday life. By Matthew Plummer-Fernández. 🇬🇧 More info

    1 word
  3. Balladeer's Blog
    Singing the praises of things that slip through the cultural cracks. 🇺🇸 More info

    JUNGLE JIM (1948)
    JUNGLE JIM (1948) – Decades before Raiders of the Lost Ark, “Jungle Jim” Bradley, mercenary jungle guide and adventurer, was fighting Nazis, Communist Spies and other menaces while finding lost cities & ancient artifacts, all …
    By balladeer, 400 words
  4. cultural snow
    Author of books about Radiohead, Leonard Cohen and The Noughties, plus odds and sods for The Guardian, Mojo, Time Out, Prospect, BBC, CNN and more. By Tim Footman. More info

    About syrup
    The clever people who sell Lyle’s Golden Syrup are removing the image of bees swarming round a dead lion from at least some of its packaging. “Our fresh, contemporary design brings Lyle’s into the modern …
    By Tim F, 273 words
  5. DIGICULT | Digital Art, Design and Culture
    Since 2005, Digicult is a platform that critically examines the impact of digital technologies and science on art, design, culture and contemporary society. By Valentina Foti, et al. More info

    Haha Real
    La Buffalo Bayou Partnership è lieta di annunciare un'importante commissione dell'artista pioniera Rachel Rossin nella cisterna del Buffalo Bayou Park. Rossin (americana, nata nel 1987) è una pittrice, new media artist e programmatrice la cui …
    By Redazione Digicult, 64 words
  6. Flow
    Flow’s mission is to provide a space where scholars and the public can discuss media histories, media studies, and the changing landscape of contemporary media. 🇺🇸 More info

    Over*Flow: Martha Stewart’s Star Persona and the 21st-Century InfluencerEmma Ginsberg / Georgetown University
    Martha Stewart in a January 2024 Instagram post on her second account. In 1994, Martha Stewart tiled the bottom of a swimming pool with cut-up credit cards in a mosaic of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.” …
    By Emma Ginsberg / Georgetown University, 1,578 words
  7. My Life 100 Years Ago
    A journey back in time. By Mary Grace McGeehan. 🇿🇦 More info

    The Top Posts of 1923
    Happy 2024, everyone! I don’t know if there’s some symbolism behind this year’s J.C. Leyendecker New Year’s baby that I’m missing, or if it’s just a baby knight riding a mechanical horse and using a …
    By Mary Grace McGeehan, 875 words
  8. Neural
    Critical digital culture and media arts. 🇮🇹 More info

    edited by Michael Nardone – OEI #98–99: Aural Poetics
    OEI, magazine, ISBN 978-9188829146, English, 366 pages, 2023, Sweden This is a double issue of OEI magazine edited by Michael Nardone, a poet and editor who explores the aesthetics of language and the materiality of …
    By Neural, 226 words
  9. News From ME
    About TV, movies, theatre, comics, news, politics and other forms of fantasy. By Mark Evanier. 🇺🇸 More info

    Today’s Third Video Link
    I “discovered” one of my heroes, Stan Freberg, in the early sixties when he was still making comedy records and also making a name for himself with innovative and funny commercials. His spots for Chun …
    By evanier, 307 words
  10. Podnews podcasting news
    Daily news about the global podcasting and on-demand audio industry. By James Cridland. 🇦🇺 More info

    The top 10 podcasts among US Black listeners
    This is sponsored by Magellan AI. Identify top spenders and the movers & shakers of podcast advertising with Magellan AI's latest charts.Visit for all the links, and to get our newsletter. The #1 podcast …
    By Podnews LLC, 1,006 words
  11. Quote Investigator® – Tracing Quotations
    Records the investigatory work of Garson O’Toole who diligently seeks the truth about quotations. Who really said what? 🇺🇸 More info

    Quote Origin: If I Told You That You Have a Gorgeous Figure Would You Hold It Against Me?
    Groucho Marx? David Bellamy? Max Miller? Monty Python? George Little? Barney Horrigan? Anonymous? Picture of Auguste Rodin’s 1882 sculpture “The Kiss” Question for Quote Investigator: In 1979 the Bellamy Brothers released a popular country music …
    By quoteresearch, 1,313 words
  12. Spectre Collie
    The Journal of Poorly-Explained Phenomena. By Chuck Jordan. 🇺🇸 More info

    Tuesday Tune Two-Fer: Rock and Roll Hall of Presidents
    Look: there are a lot of Tuesdays in a year. They can’t all be winners. This Monday was Presidents Day in the United States, a great reminder to Americans of how it’s an office of …
    By Chuck, 330 words
  13. We Are the Mutants
    An online magazine focusing on Cold War-era sci-fi, fantasy, genre, pulp, cult, occult, and anti-establishment media. More info

    Truckin’ for Souls: Explo ’72 and the Jesus Revolution
    Michael Grasso / February 21, 2024 Near the end of Richard Nixon’s first term, the forces of conservatism and reaction were in the ascendancy in America. This public resurgence of “traditional values” was itself a …
    By Michael Grasso, 1,870 words