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8 blogs about Arts and media.

  1. #algopop
    “Studying the appearance of algorithms in popular culture and everyday life.” By Matthew Plummer-Fernández. 🇬🇧

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  2. DIGICULT | Digital Art, Design and Culture
    “Since 2005, Digicult is a platform that critically examines the impact of digital technologies and science on art, design, culture and contemporary society.” By Valentina Foti, et al.

    Basement Roma by CURA
    Basement Roma, il progetto guidato da CURA. dal 2012, annuncia l’apertura di un nuovo spazio espositivo a Roma, con la prima mostra personale in Italia dell’artista francese Sara Sadik, Xenon Palace: Crystal Zastruga, un’installazione multimediale …
    By Redazione Digicult, 61 words

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  3. Flow
    “Flow’s mission is to provide a space where scholars and the public can discuss media histories, media studies, and the changing landscape of contemporary media.” 🇺🇸

    Protected: The Ambivalence and Anxiety of the Dumb BlondeKelly coyne / Northwestern University
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    By Kelly Coyne / Northwestern University, 27 words

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  4. Neural
    “Critical digital culture and media arts.” 🇮🇹

    Updated – Cicadas | Bells
    7″ – Staalplaat Lloyd Dunn has been releasing work under the alias since 2009. As an artist he combines multimedia with a ‘traditional’ field recordist approach, this makes sense when we consider his career …
    By Aurelio Cianciotta, 234 words

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  5. Podnews podcasting news
    “Daily news about the global podcasting and on-demand audio industry.” By James Cridland. 🇦🇺

    Schein signs for four more
    Visit for all the links, and to get our newsletter.Adam Schein renews with SiriusXM - see our people news, below A new noise-reduction app is now available on the Mac app store. Hush uses …
    By Podnews LLC, 1,178 words

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  6. Quote Investigator® – Tracing Quotations NEW
    “Records the investigatory work of Garson O’Toole who diligently seeks the truth about quotations. Who really said what?” 🇺🇸

    Quote Origin: Being Irish, He Had an Abiding Sense of Tragedy Which Sustained Him Through Temporary Periods of Joy
    William Butler Yeats? John Millington Synge? Oliver Stone? George Bernard Shaw? Mary Higgins Clark? Martha Manning? Paul Greenberg? James Finn Garner? Apocryphal? Anonymous? Question for Quote Investigator: The painful history of the island of Ireland …
    By quoteresearch, 436 words

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  7. Spectre Collie
    “The Journal of Poorly-Explained Phenomena.” By Chuck Jordan. 🇺🇸

    Literacy 2023: Book 4: Bonk
    BookBonk: the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach SynopsisRoach takes an at-times-uncomfortably close look at the various ways that scientists have tried to understand and improve the sex lives of humans. Pros …
    By Chuck, 282 words

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  8. We Are the Mutants
    “An online magazine focusing on Cold War-era sci-fi, fantasy, genre, pulp, cult, occult, and anti-establishment media.”

    “It’s A Great Life If You Don’t Weaken”: ‘The Friends of Eddie Coyle’ at 50
    Johnny Restall / March 20, 2023 American cinema of the 1970s has long been recognized for its downbeat, character-led crime dramas. From Alan J. Pakula’s Klute (1971) to Arthur Penn’s Night Moves (1975) and Ulu …
    By Johnny Restall, 2,501 words

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