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Kushaiah Felisilda

I’m an independent filmmaker, occasional blogger, sometimes a photographer, and most of the time a video editor.

  • By Kushaiah Felisilda
  • Based in Philippines
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Most recent posts

On Digital Relationships
It's a bit late for the IndieWeb carnival February topic on Digital Relationships but I just want to write and share my thoughts about it. Like many others, I grew up with the internet and …
On , 737 words
Adapting to my New Calendar System
This follow up is already loooong overdue. But just to make things short, I have set every calendar on my devices to Monday. And I think it has made my life a little bit easier …
On , 270 words
The Arc Browser
I am currently undecided between browsers. I have a love/hate relationship with Safari, and Chrome is a power hog because I use Adobe everyday. Although Firefox is great, it tends to be slow. And with …
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