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    By Iain Tait. 🇬🇧
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  2. NEW
    “I am a designer and illustrator and I live in West Wales not far from Swansea.” By Aegir Hallmundur. 🇬🇧
    Lemons are ripening in the greenhouse and I am very happy about that.
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  3. Alex Wiltshire
    “I am author of books including Minecraft Blockopedia, Making Videogames, and Home Computers, and work for Mojang, where I work on storytelling for Minecraft.” 🇬🇧
    Autumn warmth
    A beautiful day. Falling leaves, slanted sunshine. Yellow, red, auburn. A joy. And 18 degrees. So pleasant to experience, and yet utterly unnerving for mid-November.
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  4. Along the Ray
    “The latest entries posted on Along the Ray.” 🇺🇸
    🗺 Amistad National Recreation area - Governor's Landing
    Altitude 359.17 ft Del Rio, TX 65.732°F (feels 64.706°F) Mostly Cloudy (wind 5.1 mph) Sun finally came out as I pulled in. Aaaaahh (Reply or view comments)
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  5. Andrew Doran NEW
    2022-12-01 07:42
    Fantastic new feature from TrainerRoad. They’ll now automatically use data from indoor and outdoor rides to detect what a rider’s functional threshold power (FTP) should be set to. This number determines the power targets for …
    By <span class='p-author h-card'>Andrew Doran</span>, 40 words

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  6. Anil Dash
    “A blog about making culture.” 🇺🇸
    Cook These Two Things
    You should absolutely keep some ketchup around the house. And soy sauce, and Sriracha, and a good BBQ sauce. And some honey. But if you really want to add flavor to all kinds of dishes …
    By Anil Dash, 163 words

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  7. Anna Goss
    “better drowned than duffers.” 🇬🇧
    cleveland arms, 35
    went for a beer with Alice and suggested I might write a weeknote when I got home we each had two pints of Neck Oil. it was £6.30 for one pint. I’m glad I don’t …
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  8. Ant Harris NEW
    32 Review
    32 Challenges are now finished. I managed to complete 32 Country Pubs and 32 Zines, but didn’t complete 32 Playgrounds in the end (although it definitely feels like I did…) 32 Country Pubs was delightful. …
    By adramble, 176 words

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  9. as days pass by NEW
    “scratched tallies on the prison wall.” By Stuart Langridge. 🇬🇧
    Don’t Read Off The Screen
    Hear this talk performed (with appropriate background music): Friends and enemies, attendees of Tech Mids 2022. Don’t read off the screen. If I could offer you only one piece of advice for why and how …
    By sil, 628 words

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  10. Atlas Minor • Journal
    “The work of James A. Reeves. Searching for faith in the digital age. Notes from the end of a world.” 🇺🇸
    November 30, 2022
    Las Vegas. Another hectic day of touring rental properties. We stopped for lunch at a Mexican spot, and our timing was perfect. Turned out Mexico was playing Saudi Arabia in the World Cup, and cheers …
    By James A. Reeves, 258 words

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  11. NEW
    “Ben Kuhn's personal website.”
    Be less scared of overconfidence
    When I was deciding whether to work for Wave, I got very hung up on the fact that my “total compensation” would be “lower.” The scare quotes are there because Wave and my previous employer, …
    By Ben Kuhn, 2,552 words

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  12. Ben Werdmuller
    “Ethical technology in the internet era.” 🇺🇸
    By Ben Werdmuller, 1 word

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  13. Between the Bars
    “Blogs from writers in prison.” 🇺🇸
    Comment response
    Read more.
    By Kelly Jones, 4 words

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  14. Blog Dot Tully Hansen Dot Com – Blogging since two-thousand-and-never.
    Further Adventures in Text-Based Virtual Realities
    A few more “text-based virtual realities” (maybe?), for Matt (): Orteil’s Nested (aka No Man’s Outliner) idle games in general, and A Dark Room in particular Stephanie Strickland et al’s Vniverse (whose standalone Shockwave version …
    By Tully Hansen, 207 words

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  15. - Home NEW
    By Les Orchard. 🇺🇸
    There are no ushers on Mastodon
    TL;DR: There are no ushers on Mastodon. There's no one paid to show you to your seat, no one whose job it is to ease you into comfort and remove friction.
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  16. Blue Witch : "defiantly and resplendently un-trendy"
    Advent Horror Day 4
    Continuing my Alternative Advent Calendar pictures, piles of mess like this have been a big part of our lives: Amongst...
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  17. The Bounding Box – Blog of Tobias Revell
    Box084: Bulldozing Reality
    Last week’s post where I rambled a bit about why I found the idea of ‘preferable futures’ as a design brief so disingenuous probably needs some expanding on, some anecdotes: A couple of years ago …
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  18. Bowblog
    “Sarcastic about technology, politics, art and media for TWENTY YEARS.” By Steve Bowbrick. 🇬🇧
    Defending the indefensible
    This is a guest post from the nice people at Radlett Wire, a local blog that, having spent ten years providing, let’s face it, mostly quite boring information about the small Hertfordshire town in its …
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  19. Brajeshwar NEW
    “I’m on an adventure learning to build beautiful and meaningful products to improve the world for my daughters.” By Brajeshwar Oinam. 🇺🇸
    Books of 2022
    I’m very far from being religious. However, I have always wanted to know more about how people have strong religious beliefs. I decided to read the religious books such as the Bible, Quran, and the …
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  20. Buster's Notes - Notes
    “Notes.” By Buster Benson. 🇺🇸
    Ideas I'm Mulling
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