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Historically Woman

Illuminating women's stories from across history.

  • By Holly
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Most recent posts

Palestine, Women, and Resistance
Women have been part of Palestinian resistance and its fight for liberation since its inception. They protested alongside the men during the British occupation, the protected their families after Israel took over in 1948, and …
On , by historicallywoman, 54 words
Claudia Jones – Out From the Shadows
Now resting in the shadows of Karl Marx's giant tomb, Claudia Jones was an activist and pioneer who left no mere shadow on British culture, and it is time to bring her out into the …
On , by historicallywoman, 43 words
Charlotte, the People’s Princess
A nickname created for Diana, the ‘People’s Princess’ could easily have belonged to another ill-fated royal woman who lived and died over a century beforehand. Beautiful and vivacious, well-loved by the British public, Princess Charlotte …
On , by historicallywoman, 50 words