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Lab Muffin Beauty Science

The science behind beauty and cosmetic products, explained in an easy-to-understand way by a PhD scientist and science educator.

  • By Michelle Wong
  • Based in Australia
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Jan 2024 4
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Apr 2024 0

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Most recent posts

Does rosemary oil work for hair growth? The science
Is rosemary oil a natural, science-backed treatment for hair growth? According to a lot of doctors, scientists and trichologists across the internet, yes – there’s “scientific proof” that it works as well as minoxidil. But …
On , by Michelle Wong, 73 words
Why you can’t trust study abstracts
One of the biggest sources of myths in beauty is misunderstanding how scientific research works, and how to interpret scientific evidence. A huge problem I’ve seen is people relying on abstracts – the short summary …
On , by Michelle Wong, 70 words
Why “scientific” products don’t always work: mechanistic reasoning
There’s a troubling pattern with a lot of “science-based” cosmetic products. Many of them make claims solely based on mechanistic reasoning, rather than any actual measured effects on humans. This is a big problem because …
On , by Michelle Wong, 72 words