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  1. Asymptotia
    By Clifford V. Johnson. 🇺🇸
    A New Distribution
    The red curve in this figure is the probability distribution of the ground state energy [latex]E=s[/latex] of the microstate spectra of quantum completions of JT gravity. Put differently (the way Wigner might have) if you …
    By Clifford, 306 words

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  2. Biology News
    “Read the latest science news from on biology, evolution, microbiology, biotechnology.” 🇬🇧
    New toothy diving dinosaur discovered
    A new species of non-avian dinosaur with a streamlined body similar to those of modern diving birds, such as penguins and auks, is described in a study published in Communications Biology. The findings represent the …
    59 words

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  3. Chemistry News
    “The latest news stories on chemistry, biochemistry, polymers, materials science from” 🇬🇧
    Coronavirus drug target that could halt virus replication identified
    Structural details of an attractive drug target in coronaviruses that could be used against SARS-CoV-2 and in future pandemics have been published by international teams co-led by UCL researchers.
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  4. Dialogos of Eide
    “Frontiers of science and philosophy.”

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  5. Eli Dourado
    “Eli's home on the World Wide Web.” 🇺🇸
    Going deep with Quaise
    As we drill into the earth from the surface, we travel through layers of sedimentary cover and eventually hit basement rock. Basement rock is ancient and hard. Usually, it’s granite. Drilling through basement rock is …
    605 words

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  6. Lifeboat Foundation News Blog
    “Has tens of thousands of scientific blog posts!” 🇺🇸
    This is Ameca, the most advanced life-like robot in the world! 😯🔥 #shorts
    Today, “Humans love compliments” Next, “Humans love treats” Next, “Humans like to be walk on a leash” This is basically iRobot in real-life. Read more
    By Magaly Santiago, 38 words

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  7. Mind Hacks – Neuroscience and psychology news and views.
    “Neuroscience and psychology news and views.” By Tom Stafford, Vaughan Bell. 🇬🇧
    The effect varies for different people. Take a moment and look at this. Some people don’t see anything special: just a blue iris in a red eye. Image: CC-BY Tom Stafford 2022 For me though, …
    By tomstafford, 736 words

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  8. Nanotechnology News
    “Nanotechnology. The latest news on nanoscience, nanoelectronics, science and technology. Updated Daily.” 🇬🇧
    'Virtual pillars' separate and sort blood-based nanoparticles
    Engineers at Duke University have developed a device that uses sound waves to separate and sort the tiniest particles found in blood in a matter of minutes. The technology is based on a concept called …
    56 words

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  9. New Things Under the Sun
    “A living literature review on social science research about innovation.” By Matt Clancy. 🇺🇸
    Are Technologies Inevitable?
    On Path Dependency
    By Matt Clancy, 6 words

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  10. Nintil
    “To estimate, compare, distinguish, discuss, and trace to its principal sources everything.” By José Luis Ricón Fernández de la Puente. 🇺🇸
    Links (64)
    Are technologies inevitable? Scott Aaronson and Tim Nguyen "Quantum Computing: Dismantling the Hype" & "Refuting Weinstein and Wolfram's theories of everything" France has a meta-court Neurosymbolic reasoning making progress New meta-science research showing that the …
    245 words

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  11. Physics News
    “The latest news in physics, materials science, quantum physics, optics and photonics, superconductivity science and technology. Updated Daily.” 🇬🇧
    Broken symmetries provide opportunities for thermal emission management
    Radiative heat transfer is a ubiquitous physical process in our universe. Any object with a temperature above absolute zero exchanges thermal energy with the environment. In physics, thermal emission originates from electromagnetic radiation induced by …
    51 words

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  12. Quanta Magazine | Science and Math News
    “Illuminating mathematics, physics, biology and computer science research through public service journalism.” 🇺🇸
    The Math Behind Wordle Guesses
    In the simple game of Wordle, players have to guess a secret five-letter word in six or fewer turns based on clues about the presence and location of letters revealed by their previous guesses. While …
    By Pradeep Mutalik, 76 words

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  13. The Renaissance Mathematicus
    “An aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now lives mostly in the 16th century.” By Thony Christie. 🇩🇪
    On the road to recovery?
    Two weeks ago, I wrote a short piece explaining why I hadn’t posted my usual weekly blog post the day before and warning that I might not have recovered enough to write one for the …
    By thonyc, 219 words

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  14. Retraction Watch NEW
    “Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process.” By Alison Abritis, Ellie Kincaid. 🇺🇸
    Weekend reads: Allegations about Stanford’s president; time to pay peer reviewers?; questions about a publisher mount
    Would you consider a donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. The week at Retraction Watch featured: Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up to 277. There …
    By Ivan Oransky, 90 words

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  15. Shtetl-Optimized
    “The Blog of Scott Aaronson.” 🇺🇸
    Google’s Sycamore chip: no wormholes, no superfast classical simulation either
    This is going to be one of the many Shtetl-Optimized posts that I didn’t feel like writing, but was given no choice but to write. News, social media, and my inbox have been abuzz with …
    By Scott, 1,746 words

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  16. Singularity Hub
    By Jason Dorrier, Vanessa Bates Ramirez, Shelly Fan. 🇺🇸
    This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through December 3)
    BIOTECH Biotech Labs Are Using AI Inspired by DALL-E to Invent New Drugs Will Douglas Heaven | MIT Technology Review “These protein generators can be directed to produce designs for proteins with specific properties, such …
    By Singularity Hub Staff, 797 words

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    “Mad Science Blogging.” 🇺🇸
    Philosophical Transactions: M’s Experience with Potatoes-by-Default
    Previous Philosophical Transactions: JP Callaghan on Lithium Pharmacokinetics Lithium in Scottish Drinking Water with Al Hatfield The below is an email we received from M, a reader who tried a limited form of the potato …
    By slimemoldtimemold, 1,877 words

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  18. Springwatch - BBC Blogs
    “Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch Blog. A place to talk UK Nature.” 🇬🇧
    Discover toads and how you can help them
    Written by Cathy Robinson, nature and travel writer, for Naturehood at Earthwatch Europe Have you been lucky enough to spot a pair of copper-coloured eyes peeping out from a hidey hole this spring? If you …
    By Earthwatch Europe, 833 words

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  19. Watered Down Physics
    “By Alan Reifman, Non-Physicist.”
    2022 Nobel Physics Prize to Quantum Entanglement Researchers
    The 2022 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to three researchers for their work in quantum entanglement and its applications. This posting from Daily Kos features a compilation of links, explanations, video tutorials, and …
    By alan, 65 words

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