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TECH-niques to turn HOME MADE knitting into HANDMADE knitting.

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Most recent posts

Infinity loops in color: Celtic Valentine's hearts
With Infinity Loops, it's easy to make contrasting color motifs, like these hearts. So here these cuties are, from me to you. Happy Valentine's day 2023! (If this is your first time finding out about …
On , by TECHknitter, 68 words
Celtic hearts and teardrops. Infinity Loops, part 4
Here are two little Celtic hearts. The left is knitted by standard Celtic knot technique. The right has been transformed by the Infinity Loop method. What do you think when you compare at top and …
On , by TECHknitter, 66 words
Celtic knots: adapting Infinity Loops to complex forms--Double Bowen Cross
Two samples, shown sidewaysThe knitted Celtic Knot Bowen cross was the subject of the last post. Today, the Double Bowen cross Infinity Loop takes center stage. If this is your first exposure to this series, …
On , by TECHknitter, 76 words