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Tim Apple

Stories, poems, essays, and ramblings.

  • By Tim Apple
  • Based in United States of America
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2022 41
2023 426
2024 27

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2024-03-16 16:13
So in the army I had a nickname “Chow Wi Wang” and I just found out there is the .wang top level domain, so I had to buy Now what to do with it.
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2024-03-15 15:24
Watched the first 3 Bourne movies again this week. They really are one of the best spy type movies out there.
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2024-03-15 15:14
Today’s thought, why possesses us to give a bunch of random strangers our opinion on stuff. It’s a little narcissistic to think anyone wants to know what the heck we think. Of course, I realize …
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