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Benjamin Studebaker

Yet Another Attempt to Make the World a Better Place by Writing Things.

  • By Benjamin Studebaker
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The Left Cannot Make Use of the Gaza War
I have a new piece out for Sublation on the left’s attempt to reconstitute itself around the war in Gaza. You can read it here:
On , by Benjamin Studebaker, 35 words
The Millennial Left as a Moment in Internet History
There have been many interesting books and articles recently about the demise of the millennial left. Here are just a few. I like this material–I think we could do with some more reflection about everything …
On , by Benjamin Studebaker, 65 words
Two New Essays for Isonomia
I have two new essay out for Isonomia. The first, “On Whether Various Economic Schemes Can Improve Citizens’ Political Capabilities,” reflects on the different strategies liberal theorists employ to ensure democratic citizens have the capabilities …
On , by Benjamin Studebaker, 61 words