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  1. Africa Is a Country NEW
    “…a site of opinion, analysis, and new writing on and from the African left.”
    Watching Naija
    Nollywood makes more films than Hollywood and Bollywood. What it lacks is strong marketing and promotion. On the set of Black Vampire II. Image credit @rbairdpccam on Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0. Some of Africa’s highest …
    By Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez, 616 words

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  2. All That Is Solid ... NEW
    “Look what A Very Public Sociologist melted into.” By Phil. 🇬🇧
    The Stylistics - I Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)
    There are a couple of posts on the hob, but as the cat is being annoying you'll have to make do with a ditty for tonight. Strap yourselves in, we're heading back to 1975.
    By Phil, 45 words

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  3. Charlie's Diary
    “Being the blog of Charles Stross, author, and occasional guests.” 🇬🇧
    Decision Fatigue
    Trying to keep up with the news this month is hard. Trying to derive patterns from the news in order to blog about them coherently? Even harder, leading to decision fatigue—but I'm going to have …
    By Charlie Stross, 945 words

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  4. Conservative Home
    “Britain's leading Conservative blog for news, comment, analysis and campaigns, edited by Paul Goodman.” By Paul Goodman, et al. 🇬🇧
    “Robust pragmatism means nothing” – Duncan Smith calls for a tougher policy on China
    'China is a systemic threat'.Former Conservative leader @MPIainDS says he is 'deeply disappointed' with the government on its stance over China.#Ridge: Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube— Sophy Ridge on Sunday …
    By Conservative Home, 77 words

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  5. Corey Robin
    “Corey Robin is Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center.” 🇺🇸
    Bloomsbury Bolsheviki and other topics
    Long-time followers of this blog know that I’ve been promising, for several years, a piece on Smith and a piece on Keynes. I’m happy to say that they are finally out in successive issues of …
    By Corey Robin, 1,202 words

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  6. Emily F. Gorcenski
    “The personal site of Emily Gorcenski.” 🇩🇪 🇺🇸
    Zuckerberg's Basilisk: The coercive threat of the singularity
    Futurists' visions of digital immortality and the Metaverse may not be as utopian as they seem. Do big tech’s current models betray a coercive future of data piety? I extend a well-known thought experiment to …
    2,761 words

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  7. History Unfolding
    “A historian's comments on current events, foreign and domestic.” By David Kaiser. 🇺🇸
    Another anniversary
    It's been 59 years and it's not surprising that the November 22 anniversary last Tuesday passed unnoticed. I want to commemorate it by offering up this extraordinary 2013 piece from the Boston Globe on the …
    By David Kaiser, 107 words

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  8. Lawyers, Guns & Money
    “A politics and culture blog written primarily by a group of eight academics.” 🇺🇸
    Stay in your lane
    This is a super trivial issue, but here’s 538’s college football predictor at the end of the regular season, i.e., after today’s games: Odds of making the playoff: Georgia and Michigan: +99% OK that works. …
    By Paul Campos, 142 words

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  9. LRB Blog
    “Europe’s leading magazine of ideas, published twice a month.” 🇬🇧
    Adam Shatz: ‘You think our country’s so innocent?’
    Why were​ supporters of the Democrats – including seasoned election-watchers – so easily persuaded by Republican triumphalism? The polls were one reason, of course. But susceptibility to Republican hype is more directly a result of …
    59 words

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  10. Trinketization
    “John Hutnyk writes on culture, cities, diaspora, history, film, prisons, colonialism, education, Marxism.” 🇬🇧
    Tim Page
    Fighting the lurgie seemed the right time to read Tim Page’s book on train trips in Vietnam 20 years after his war photo stint – the Dennis Hopper character in the Coppola film “Apocalypse Now” …
    By john hutnyk, 190 words

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  11. William Davies
    ‘Fascism’s liberal admirers’
    Review essay on Clara Mattei’s The Capital Order, published in The New Statesman
    By willdavies, 16 words

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