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A Blast From The Past

Oddities, striking characters and incidents, strange days... this is history with all the interesting bits left in, by the author of Batavia's Graveyard, Tulipomania and The First Family.

  • By Mike Dash
  • Based in United Kingdom
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Many apologies to subscribers who received a notification of a new post earlier today. Unfortunately this was an error on my part. I was working on an upcoming essay and managed to hit the “publish” …
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The Twopenny Hangover
The image above shows a recreation of what is supposed to be a “twopenny hangover“. It’s a term increasingly commonly found on Google, and it purports to describe a type of cheap Victorian-era doss-house in …
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Ask Mike
For almost three years now, while my other responsibilities have prevented me from updating the main blog as I would wish to, I’ve been adding material to this site on a new page, “Ask Mike,” …
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