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Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective

A blog about the origin of Hebrew words and phrases and how they relate to English and other languages.

  • By David Curwin
  • Based in Israel
  • Roughly 17 posts per year
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2022 23
2023 21
2024 3

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tiron and turai
After a soldier enlists in the Israeli army, there are two words to describe him (or her, although I'm providing the male forms of the words): טִירוֹן tiron - "new recruit" and טוּרַאי turai - …
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How did the word בְּדִימוֹס bedimos (sometimes pronounced bedimus) come to mean "retired, emeritus "?In Talmudic literature, we find the word dimos דִימוֹס meaning "pardoned, acquitted." For example: אמר לו הואיל והאמנתי עליך דימוס פטור …
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What is the origin of the word andarta אַנְדַּרְטָה - "monument, memorial"?The word first appears in rabbinic Hebrew, where it was spelled אַנְדְּרָטָא. The meaning in those sources in the Talmud, midrashim, and Targumim is …
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