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Writing With Color

We are dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial, ethnic and religious diversity.

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Desi Parenthood, Adoption, and Stereotypes
I have a story set in the modern day with supernatural traces, with three characters: a young boy, his bio dad, and his adoptive dad. The boy and his bio dad are Indian, the adoptive …
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Sri Lankan Fairies and Senegalese Goddesses: Mixing Mythology as a Mixed Creator
[Note: this archive ask was submitted before the Masterpost rules took effect in 2023. The ask has been abridged for clarity.]@reydjarinkenobi asked:Hi, I’m half Sri Lankan/half white Australian, second gen immigrant though my mum moved …
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hi, i hope you’re doing well today! i’m looking to create a pantheon for a d&d campaign, and i pictured the goddess of weather & seasons as a black woman. i thought making her hair an afro-like cloud would be an interesting way to design her. i’m worried that this may be insensitive, though, and that i’m othering curly hair. she would not be the only black character in the pantheon, but she’s the one i’m most worried about being offensive. what are your thoughts on this design choice?
Black Goddess with Clouds for HairI think this is a cool idea! You’ve got regular Black characters (women?) too, so even better. Not that there seems to be any poor implications with having the Black …
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