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Writing With Color

We are dedicated to writing and resources centered on racial, ethnic and religious diversity.

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Dark features/people as blessed, white and light people as sick
ladyoftheseastuff asked:I’m writing a fantasy story where the world is permanently covered in snow & ice. The people share a common culture & are loyal to their city states, but they are not homogeneous in …
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(Part One) Hi, I am planning this fantasy series all set in a completely fictional world. There are no humans. Looking through your blog I already know some of the do’s and don'ts of fantasy species and poc, but my question is, some of my fantasy species do have real skin tones and I wanted to give them features from different real races.
I read all your asks about fantasy races but I there wasn't one that talked about a fantasy world with no humans. My question is: is still othering to have poc in that context? Should …
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Final Deletion Log Update for Asks Submitted 11/01-11/30
The deletion log has been updated for the final submissions that came in 11/28-11/30. Apologies for the delay!Please be sure to give the log a final check to see whether or not your ask has …
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