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I'm Jennifer Laughran. I'm a Senior Agent at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, representing great authors and illustrators….

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New Submission Guidelines at ABLA
Another not-an-ask post?! Wow!Some of you gentle readers might remember that I’ve mentioned in the past how our agency submission guidelines were failing us. For a brief recap: Our original policy was “a no from …
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Hi, Jenn. I’m sure you’ve had enough of the “MG is doomed” stuff. I’m just wondering… Editors keep saying MG is hard to sell, but isn’t that kind of counterintuitive? If editors aren’t buying much MG, isn’t the slump just going to continue? How else can we get out of it if editors don’t buy more MG??
But the thing is - there already IS a lot of MG brand new and in the pipeline. The problem is not that MG books don't exist, or that more MG books aren't forthcoming -- …
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Re: pens for signing — I did a lot of research on this when I became an author and discovered that it’s super important to choose a pen that has archival safe ink if you don’t want fading over time. Sharpies of any point size (but NOT the Sharpie pens), Pilot G2s, and Zebra Sarasas are my personal recs. Sincerely, an overthinking pen nerd lol.
FWIW, I asked this on BlueSky and got a lot of different replies that are still coming in -- but yes, archival safe ink is good! (And it really does matter what kind of paper …
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