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Names, brands, writing, and the language of commerce.

  • By Nancy Friedman
  • Based in United States of America
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Where in the world is Word of the Week?
It’s moved to Substack, and it’s a quadfecta this week: three words and one name, all beginning with the letter D. Read and subscribe—it’s free! Here’s a preview of one of the words:
On , by Nancy Friedman, 42 words
Looking for Word of the Week?
You can find this week’s word, aesthetic injury*, in its new home on my Substack newsletter. Sign up for a free subscription! * Yes, I know it’s two words, but it’s what linguists call a …
On , by Nancy Friedman, 52 words
More non-blog writing
In case you aren’t following me on the splintered social-mediascape*, here are links to two recent pieces I’ve published on Medium and my bloggish new home, Substack: LinkedIn Is Actually Fun Now (no, really!) On …
On , by Nancy Friedman, 99 words