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Monster Zone

Devoted to every kind of movie and TV monster, from King Kong to Godzilla, from the Blob to Alien.

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Posts per month

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Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Feb 2023 4
Mar 2023 13
Apr 2023 6
May 2023 1
Jun 2023 6
Jul 2023 5
Aug 2023 4
Sep 2023 5
Oct 2023 6
Nov 2023 4
Dec 2023 3
Jan 2024 4
Feb 2024 0
Mar 2024 3
Apr 2024 3
May 2024 3

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

The Night Crew (2015)
There’s going to be a lot of fighting in this film! Starring Luke Goss, Bokeem Woodbine, Danny Trejo, Paul Sloan, Chasty Ballesteros, Luciana Faulhaber, Jason Mewes, Jacqueline Lord and Dan Swayze. Written by Paul Sloan …
On , by Ken Miller, 883 words
Demon (2012)
Starring Clare Langford, Andrew Mullan, Gabrielle Curtis, Tom Hall, Andrew Cunningham, Christopher Ettridge, Jackie Haliday and Ryan Wichert. Written, produced and directed by Mark Duffield. Poster In Victorian London a young gentleman named Lorcan (Mullan) …
On , by Ken Miller, 1,264 words
Unmade Conan the Barbarian Movies!
PEOPLE OF THE SERPENT concept study, depicting Conan fighting the tentacle-faced monster Yug-Ommog The first Conan movie to reach the screen, of course, was John (RED DAWN) Milius’ awesome R-rated CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982), which …
On , by Ken Miller, 1,986 words