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Backdrifting: Milo Trujillo's Cyber-Nest

An intersection of social system design, cybernetics, and hacking.

  • By Milo Trujillo
  • Based in United States of America
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Most recent posts

Open Academic Publication
Open Academic Publication Posted 10/28/2023 I’m currently at a workshop on open practices across disciplines, and one topic of discussion is how to change the academic publishing process to be more accessible to both authors …
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Geolocating Users via Text Messages
Geolocating Users via Text Messages Posted 7/28/2023 A recent research paper, Freaky Leaky SMS: Extracting User Locations by Analyzing SMS Timings (PDF), purports to geolocate phone numbers by texting them and analyzing response times. This …
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AntNet: Networks from Ant Colonies
AntNet: Networks from Ant Colonies Posted 08/07/2023 Ant nests look kind of like networks - they have rooms, and tunnels between the rooms, analogous to vertices and edges on a graph. A graph representation of …
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